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Helping you navigate the complex Aged Care industry.

Aged Care Financial Advisors

Transitioning a loved one to a care facility can be a challenging time for the whole family. There are many decisions to make and the options can be confusing.

Finding the best quality care and making financially responsible choices can be a worry, at an already stressful, emotional time.

The stakes surrounding your aged care choices are enormous.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

The red tape and bureaucracy is confusing. There are so many options to consider and different institutions to deal with. Making a simple mistake could be costly.

Choosing the right pathway to meet your needs, and knowing how best to fund it, is critical.

How we work

At Aged Care Financial Advisors, our understanding team will:


We’ll take time to understand your unique circumstances.


We’ll create a short list of the best Aged Care options for you.


Understand your eligibility and how to access the services you need.


Know how to fund the best Aged Care for your needs.

When you know where you stand you can make well-informed decisions about your care needs.

About us

Aged Care Financial Advisors is led by Derek Armstrong, a certified and practicing financial planner, and principal of Armstrong Consulting Services.

With over 25 years’ experience, our knowledge of the industry and understanding of the complex financial issues surrounding aged care has allowed us to support individuals and families navigate the system.

We are here for you when you need us, providing advice and care the whole time, with no ongoing fees or product promotion in Aged Care.

Our fixed-fee service includes tailored strategy options, education and support, and assistance with Government agency paperwork.

We’re with you the whole way.

Derek - ACFA - Aged Care Financial Advisors
Stress ACFA - Aged Care Financial Advisors

Worried that your choices could lead to costly mistakes?

Don’t miss out on the care option you want because of poor or missing information, red tape and bureaucracy.

Don’t watch your assets dwindle because of unexpected, hidden fees and charges.

Don’t waste time second-guessing if your resources will support the care you need.

Get a clear picture of your options today.

Working with us is easy

We’ve helped hundreds of families understand the age care services and subsidies that are available to them.


Make an appointment ACFA - Aged Care Financial Advisors

Make an appointment

Get in touch with our friendly team so we can discuss your unique situation.


Make an appointment ACFA - Aged Care Financial Advisors

Know our options

We’ll help you understand the services, costs and funding options available to you.


Make an appointment ACFA - Aged Care Financial Advisors

Enjoy peace of mind

Make your decisions with peace-of-mind, knowing you’ve done what’s right for you and your loved ones.

We make it simple.

From your first meeting with us, we’ll analyse your unique situation and present your options.

This means you can make an informed decision quickly.

ACFA - Aged Care Financial Advisors

We translate complex information into clear, easy-to-digest solutions that
work for families during this major life transition.

Our expertise can provide you the confidence and surety to make financial decisions that work for you and ensure you the best care, leaving you free to focus on enjoying time with your loved ones.

Get in touch

We’re here to help

Our team assists families experiencing overwhelm, panic and confusion, giving them confidence, relief and surety to transition into the aged care services they need.

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